Wednesday, November 18, 2009

With Love, Your Best Friend.

He’s her best friend. The one who makes her laugh when she doesn’t feel like smiling. The one who makes her feel secure, when she’s scared. The one who she trusts and confides in & let’s not forget…She’s the one, whom he completely fell in love with.
Every time I fell for you, I think it was a part of you that made me stand up again…
Then you came again, this time to cut me through…yet my love grew back with more inclination…I still believe that part of you had a little something to do with my undying strength…& that part of you that is not “his’”, keeps refurbishing me with fresh energy every time you unknowingly shatter my hopes.
As they say, that confidence is a nervous reaction to insecurity, every time I see you with him, I gather courage with a glow on my face as if the Sun shines out of my derriere, smile as if my cheekbones are held with iron clips, walk up to you, and make conversation trying hard not to shiver out of (good) intimidation, whereas all I can concentrate is on that arm of his’ around your waist.
It is after this that I realized the true meaning of love. “Love” as glorified by the middle-aged, is completely contrasted to what it actually is. Surprisingly an unexpected feeling of unusual happiness was generated in me, whereas actually my physical condition was saturated in sorrow. My heart did not agree with that kind of a confused soul, who did not agree with the above mental and simultaneous physical situation.
It was after seeing you with “him” that gave an explanation for the confused behavior of my heart and soul. That part of you that lived in me was an explanation in itself. You were genuinely happy in terms of present joy, and soon I realized that, what was the point of cribbing and whining when the end aim was YOUR happiness?
I had become selfish, thinking about my emotional gain and happiness…that’s when that part of you made me realize that Love, even if unrequited, is love. Love is not defined according to circumstances, or conditions of lovers, or period of time. It remains constant in its nature and feeling, no matter whom it is shared with. So, even though I had not “achieved” you in physical terms, you were not by me, but with me. This may sound clichéd, but that part of you, was nowhere else but in my heart. Sometimes love is unrequited, but what makes it noble is the fact that even when the love is not reciprocated, people dont stop loving.
True love does not mean having someone to love, but it’s to be happy, just coz the other person is happy, even if he/she is not with you. It is very strange that how the heart is depicted by medical minds and how it really is. They see it just as a cardiovascular pump that circulates blood, helps us breathe and the only scientific explanation for our daily existence.
Well, I think otherwise. It is true that the heart is the only reason we live, but it is not the system inside us that gives reason for our life. It is you who have taught the heart to beat, each time with equal enthusiasm, after each beat, gearing up for the next one. But well, as the sea has high tides and low tides, the pace of my heartbeat, constantly changes when I think about different aspects of loving you. Here again, it is a marvel how our brain and heart our connected. The supernatural up there deserves applause for this unexplainable connection of our brain and heart. Strange is it, when the moment the brain (the mind) thinks of you, a small smile comes up, or rather when I see you with my eyes (again, connected to our brain), my heart starts beating heavily like a drum beats at war. It is definitely not out of fear, but something, no doctor can give an explanation for.
The times of our hearts “low tide”, are due to certain actions committed by you. But again, we should not be affected by them in any negative manner. But yet again, we are human after all. Achieving you in physical terms does actually mean everything. During those times, even pain, cannot reinstate life in us. I am so numbed by your “love” that even if I bleed, I wouldn’t know that I’m alive.


  1. It's strange how I wrote something pretty much the complete opposite of the sentiment that your portray here. I spoke about how there's no need to romanticize everything that we do. For example here, the 'heart.' :) (Read strawberry minds). But then again, it's an inevitable feeling when you're in, so to say, LOVE. Very well-written. You elaborated on the cliched happy-when-the-one-I-love-is-happy thing, but it didn't feel monotonous or I've-read-this-somewhere at all! Also I love the way you ended it :)
    Once again, good work!

  2. Some analogies and comparisons are brilliant. And the subtle poetic qualities come through very well indeed. Wish you could hold that throughout.

    And about "love". I dont see the point of defining it ever. Something as abstract and as deep rooted doesnt need to be. But then everyone goes through that urge, to know and to understand.