Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Passion. Not One of the Deadly Sins, You Know?

One of the most over-rated words in the English language.

Interviewers, journalists, award-winners, sportsmen, use this word to add more zing and attitude to their “Winning speeches” or interviews. Men like these are not the ones who really value what they do, but commercialize it, for their public image and goodwill. Men like these do not wake up every morning, as if born again each day just to do what they yearn for the most, one more time. They are artificial, pretentious and fake. Right from their vocal tones to their mannerisms. All fake. When one is passionate about something there is no pretentiousness and no hidden motive behind why that person is doing what he is doing.

One does not need a dictionary to define or term Passion. It is a self-driven emotion which arises out of a certain amount of excitement and enthusiasm to work or do something that one is keen to fulfill. Passion is what a person prays for before he or she sleeps every night. It may be an assignment, a project, a person, a job, even a strong desire that does not even remotely look possible to come true. Young students today do not really care about how many dollars get credited to their bank account in a year, or how many bedroom house they live in. They choose their line or education and gradually work based on what satisfies their inner creativity and completes them professionally.

Gone are the days when students take up their parents’ dreams for them, because they are not passionate about it. They realize that down the line, when they are almost settled in life, they are going to be stuck in a monotonous rut as they will not be passionate about it. Everything in today’s day is not looked at from a monetarily feasible way. People sometimes do not care about how much money is gained or lost, but what pleases them & is in confluence with their passion. For starters, why would Virgin Companies’ head-honcho, Richard Branson buy an island all for himself and his much-loved penchant for water sports, when he can hire out? Well, this was quite the extravagant example, but even taking working class commuters, would pay a few dollars more for a better configured computer which is graphically well equipped, rather than a cheap one even though his wallet is tight? The answer is the common man’s love for games. It maybe just recreation and no way profit making, but it’s a passion at the end of the day, however insignificant or leisurely it maybe. Why does a Non Governmental Organization stand up for the under privileged? Okay, that maybe a little too “general”. Individuals like social workers, activists, and members of non-profit making organization help people? Some part inside of them is passionate about the well-being of others, who are under privileged, handicapped, or just not well equipped with the know-how to perform a certain deed, which is in turn passion for them. On a more realistic and genuine level, a blind boy, has wasted 10 years of his initial life crying over his misfortune. Somehow, something inside him says and has the desire to read and as shown through several articulate feature films, the boy is able to read, because he is passionate about it, and it’s a burning desire within him.

On concluding, I would just like to say that passion for something or being passionate about something one values cannot be invoked into someone. It is imbibed in us when we choose our paths in life. The things we are passionate about are the things that are desired by our souls and one should never hesitate in doing something his or her heart tells them to do. If there is true dedication and passion, it is like God’s own hand upon us. Passion is pure and the things we do with conviction have no malice or wrong intention behind it, and even so a pure heart, a passionate heart is able to elevate the opposite person’s as well as their own soul’s greatest accomplishments to a whole new and pure level. So, even though people realize this true emotion in our current 21st Century, the great French philosopher, Denis Diderot mastered it in the 18th Century.

All I’d like to ask you today is, what is that one thing you’re passionate about?

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