Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The More I. . .

The more I think,
The lesser I dream,
And what is a life,
One without dreams?

The more I want to soar,
You scare me with failure and death,
You say, you’re curbing another Caesar,
But not everyone’s wings are cut.

The more I want to love,
You compare me to “him”,
You say, you can’t ever love me,
But that’s not even what I asked for.

The more I want to stop myself,
You say nothing, No acknowledgement,
Slyly dismissing me,
Compelling me to push myself off your edge.

The more I want to submit myself,
You hold me back, tugging at my soul,
Now you feel the need to keep me?
Let me end this;

For freedom from here catches my eye,
More than life without dreams to soar with,
And a love so powerful that one can’t stop himself.
The more you want it, now it’s gone. . .


  1. I love this one.Really well written!

  2. I know exactly where this comes from, straight from the heart! Beautiful. You haven't thought too much, just let it flow right out :)